Wedding film a Castello di Petrata – Assisi

The long-awaited day has finally come for Rebecca and Oliver, who have chosen the striking Castello di Petrata in Assisi as the setting for their dream wedding and a compelling wedding film.

The day turned out to be full of surprises and excitement, particularly due to an unexpected weather event that added a touch of adventure to the ceremony.

wedding a castello di petrata

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The Castello di Petrata, with its ancient walls and enchanting gardens, provided the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding. The couple had planned an outdoor ceremony surrounded by the beauty of Umbrian nature, but the day had a different plan in store.

Wedding Film A Castello Di Petrata

Fate wanted to test Rebecca and Oliver's determination by sending a sudden rain right at the time of the ceremony. However, the couple was not deterred. With the support of the guests and the flexibility of the teams of Dream On Wedding, the courageous decision was made to momentarily stop the ceremony and wait for the rain to desist.

After a suspenseful wait, the sky finally cleared, providing a moment of pure magic. The ceremony was captured with a beautiful backdrop of blue sky and brilliant sunshine, adding a unique touch to Rebecca and Oliver's story. The guests participated enthusiastically, proving that love can indeed overcome any obstacle.

Wedding Film A Castello Di Petrata

After the exciting weather interlude, the rest of the day proceeded smoothly. Petrata Castle provided an enchanting setting for couple's photos and shots with guests. The banquet was held in an elegant hall set up by Dream On Wedding and embellished with the historical details of the castle.

So, Rebecca and Oliver's wedding at Petrata Castle in Assisi became an unforgettable tale of love, perseverance and joy. The couple faced unforeseen events with grace and courage, proving that even when the clouds thicken, the sun of love can always return to shine.

Wedding Film A Castello Di Petrata

Wedding Film a Castello di Petrata

As a Wedding Videographer, I had the incredible opportunity to document their wedding by facing the rain without any hesitation. The couple immediately showed fearlessness and therefore I could not afford to miss any moment even in a big thunderstorm.

The wedding film of their day fully sums up the excitement, the unexpected events, and the great strength of their love.

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Rebecca and Oliver chose Italy as their wedding destination, a place steeped in history, culture and timeless beauty. Wedding destinations in Italy are becoming increasingly popular, offering breathtaking scenery and a romantic atmosphere that makes the wedding day even more unforgettable.

castello di vetrata

Petrata Castle proved to be not only a picturesque setting for a dream wedding, but also a place that can adapt to nature's challenges. This whirlwind day made Rebecca and Oliver's wedding unique and memorable, with a story to tell that will remain etched in the hearts of all who attended this unforgettable celebration.


Venue: @Castello di Petrata

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