Wedding Videographer

Francesco Paolo Figlia was born in Mexico City in 1988 and grew up in Italy. To everyone he is Pablo: five letters and a Latin American slang, in perfect harmony with his reserved, calm and cosmopolitan character.

Videography and editing meet his path when he is still a child. He receives a compact video camera as a gift from his father. This is where the story begins. Pablo finds his dimension between passionate technicisms and visual language: his discreet and reserved character sets him behind the lens. His empathy and sensitivity become the key to cross the lens and fill every story with his identity.

2015 is milestone. He meets one of the most important wedding photographers on the national scene - Goran Kris - and his career takes off. Talent meets talent, and, from this collaboration, Pablo gains more and more identity. With curiosity and humility, he learns. Through study, dedication and research, he defines the boundaries of his style, making his direction crystal clear. He chooses: his sphere is the wedding videography. And if the convention delivers classic shots of the wedding day, innovation makes films. It focuses cathartic, significant moments, the only ones that will never be forgotten.

And, again, talent begets talent. Pablo joins his work as a videographer with his knowledge of music, creating for each film a unique soundtrack, the result of study and experience. So, each work becomes an unrepeatable adventure, as all love stories are. And the peculiarity is that, in the flow of time, the emotions crystalized in Pablo's creations will always give off the vitality and power of when they have been lived. All you have to do is press play.